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Event Guide

Zoom Etiquette

  • To reduce background noise and feedback, please keep your microphone muted during the workshop presentations/when you are not speaking

  • Please turn on your camera if you can and are comfortable doing so

  • Please use the “raise hand” function if you wish to ask a question/engage in conversation. Alternatively, you can use the chat function.

  • The Zoom link and Meeting ID/Passcode are only being shared with registered participants. Please do not circulate. 

  • We recommend that participants connect to the meeting in advance of the start time. This will enable us to troubleshoot and resolve any technical issues that may arise in a timely manner.

  • To reduce the likelihood of connectivity issues, we recommend that you connect to Zoom via your laptop or desktop computer rather than via smartphone or tablet 

  • If you experience technical issues, please email Luke Nater: for help



Safe Space Guidelines

We are dedicated to creating a safe and inclusive space of engagement for all participants. Please use respectful language and be conscious of space. We want you to feel comfortable taking the space that you need while being mindful to leave enough for others as well.

Confidentiality and attribution

  • The workshop proceedings will be audio recorded for the purposes of accessibility and transcription. Breakout room discussions will not be audio recorded. 

  • Please be aware that anything that is shared during the workshop requires proper attribution. For example, keynote speakers should be properly cited in all instances, including if you wish to share quotes or paraphrase in blog or social media posts. 




  • You can follow the workshop on Twitter at

  • We encourage you to tweet using the hashtag #IDSOV or #IDSOV2021 but please make sure to provide proper attribution for anything shared during the workshop. 

  • Please do not tweet during breakout room sessions. These sessions are intended to be safe and confidential forums in which to discuss and engage with the content shared in the keynote presentations.


Breakout rooms 


  • We have pre-assigned all participants to breakout rooms. If you are not placed in a room right away, please be patient. You will be placed in your assigned breakout room as quickly as possible. 


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